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House from thermal blocks

Blocks are stacked on top of each other without additional fasteners. More than 100 elements to ensure accurate and quality construction at each node.

Concrete is poured into thermal blocks, resulting in a durable reinforced concrete house. The special design of the docking locks allows you to build a wall up to 5 m at a time.

The result is an energy-efficient concrete house.

When building an energy-efficient house, it is important that every element is perfectly installed. It requires the use of special blocks for each difficult place.

  1. All elements from the foundation to the roof
  2. Blocks 2 meters long – quick installation
  3. No fasteners or adhesives required
  4. Concrete thickness 150-250 mm
  5. No cold bridges
  6. No condensate formed

Houses from Bauroc aerated concrete

Today aerated concrete is very popular in construction. The house can be built of different materials, combining aerated concrete, brick, wood. Modern aerated concrete has many advantages.

Advantages of aerated concrete:

  1. High durability of the material. In the process of manufacturing autoclave aerated concrete, it is hardened in an autoclave when exposed to temperature and high pressure. It is under such conditions that the formation of low-base microscopic crystals of calcium hydro-silicate occurs, which give the material strength.
  2. Light weight. The fact that the blocks are not heavy in the enclosing structures means that there is less load on the base and foundation of the object, and, as a consequence, the costs for both the material and the foundation will be lower, which means reduction of the overall cost of construction.
  3. Excellent thermal insulation properties of ecoterm 300,375,500 allow not to use additional thermal insulation materials in the construction of walls.
  4. Excellent sound insulation properties. The walls are made of aerated concrete, which provides excellent sound insulation.
  5. Aerated concrete can be freely sawed, ground, drilled.
  6. Aerated blocks have precise geometric dimensions, which makes it possible to lay on a special adhesive for aerated concrete with a seam thickness of up to 3 mm.
  7. Moisture and frost resistance. Resistant to frost. In addition, due to the porosity of the material, water cannot quickly penetrate the material.
  8. Safe for health. It is made of natural raw materials: lime, water and sand.
  9. Fixing to aerated concrete is quite simple with the help of special dowels and screws for aerated concrete.

Houses from Fibo

  1. Durability of the material. Blocks allow to construct a building up to 3 floors.
  2. Due to the high-frost resistance of the material, the house of expanded clay concrete blocks will stand for many years.
  3. The low level of water absorption.
  4. Environmentally friendly, they include only sand, cement, water and expanded clay.
  5. The weight of walls from expanded clay concrete blocks is about 2.5 times less than that of bricks.
  6. Good sound insulation.
  7. Fire-resistant.
  8. Ability to resist fungus, mold and microorganisms.
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