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Insulated Swedish plate

Insulated Swedish plate is a modern and heat-efficient foundation of small depth. And not just the foundation, not just the concrete slab. This is the real basis for your home. The ‘Swedish plate’ technology combines the insulated monolithic foundation plate and the possibility of laying communications, including a system of water floor heating. An integrated approach allows you to get insulated base with built-in engineering systems and a flat floor, ready for laying tiles, laminate or other coating – all in a short time.

Girder Foundation from Fibo

Girder foundation from Fibo blocks has a number of practical advantages – the foundation from Fibo blocks has good wear-resistance, it is not subject to harmful external influences. The result is excellent quality and guaranteed longevity. — It also has superb thermal insulation characteristics (qualities). — The foundation from Fibo blocks (expanded clay concrete blocks) is environmentally friendly — Fibo blocks perfectly resist temperature changes, which allows using it under any weather conditions.